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Asian Pacific Heritage Month

Asian Food Mania and a Celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month The month of May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month. Did you know that the greater Los Angeles area has

Mom I Want to be a Chef! Register for Kids Summer Camp

South Bay School of Cooking offers a wonderful alternative for summer camp. Make summer fun for your kids to learn a variety of basic cooking techniques and kitchen safety. Each

Take 15% Off In May

  5.05.2017   Annette Gallardo   News   No comments

Moms are special! Why not honor her the entire month of May instead of just one day! We are offering 15% off a class. To take a class with your

Foodie Alert!

  14.04.2017   Annette Gallardo   News   No comments

New Events as South Bay School of Cooking New things are happening at the school. We’re broadening our horizons with fun foodie events. As a member of the Culinary Historians

The Cooking Phenomenon Is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

It used to be that women pretty much ruled the kitchen with an almost regal entitlement, with husbands and kids only being called in when meals were ready. Moms made

Fruits and veggies are coming! Fruits and veggies are coming!

Spring is just around the corner and already I’m seeing asparagus and artichokes in the markets. Strawberries are looking plumper and juicier, and blackberries have been on sale. Spring is

We’re Hosting the NRBBA Mixer on March 28, 2017

  11.03.2017   Annette Gallardo   News   No comments

Come join us for mixing and mingling on the Boulevard! Network, mix and mingle with local. Sample tasty foods and beverages. Bring business cards and make connections. March 28, 2017

COOKING 101 Series

Our quintessential hands-on series pairs preparing, seasoning, sautéing, roasting, and essential knife skills with purchasing, food storage and handling to create everyday dishes at home for beginners and kitchen veterans

Teen Cooking, Men in Kitchen Series & Team Building

Winter has been busy at the cooking school as more and more people of all genders and ages are discovering cooking. 14 years ago when I started the cooking school

Throw a Merry Cocktail Party!

What is the first thing that makes food delicious? It’s how it appeals to the eye. It’s often said you ‘eat with your eyes first’ and that is so true.