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Vanilla is my favorite flavoring, and I use it in almost all of my baking.

How to Amp Up the Vanilla Flavor

As a former pastry chef, I add vanilla beans to my extract to amp up the flavor. You can split them lengthwise and drop them into the vanilla extract bottle.

With so many baking classes coming up at South Bay School of Cooking, I knew I needed to order more. I logged into my Amazon account and was shocked to see the price had quadrupled. It seems that a terrible season in Madagascar, which grows 75% of the world’s supply, has caused this price surge. I remembered that Costco’s Kirkland brand was about $8 per 14 oz bottle. Sure enough, they still had it at that price so I purchased 4 bottles. I don’t know if they’ll raise the price, but if you need vanilla and have a membership, hurry and purchase some.

I found also vanilla beans — 2 per jar — at Sprouts for about $5–this is a great deal as well.


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