Men Cooking: The Kitchen is the New “Man Cave”

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Man, Fire, Food: The Trend toward Men Cooking

During the last fourteen years of teaching, I’ve seen a tremendous shift toward men cooking and taking a more active role in the kitchen. Men want to eat and need a pretty sizeable meal to satisfy– a cold salad with a bit of sliced chicken breast just doesn’t do it. Yes, men still love making breakfast and grilling on the weekends, but now cooking is expanding into several times a week (and for some, nightly).

Men stand mesmerized at meat counters, dreaming of slow braised chuck roasts and double cut pork chops. Much of this trend can be tethered to an over twenty year evolution of food TV shows featuring male hosts/chefs creating the food men want to eat. No longer are men filling their garages with tools but rather fitting their kitchens with chef knives, immersion blenders, heavy gauge pots and pans and a battery of spice blends.

Men are armed and ready to take on the kitchen.


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