Cooking Should Be Fun!

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Some people cringe just hearing the word ‘cooking’. Often seen it as a horrible chore that has to get done before moving on to something else even though the body requires this nourishment. Not everyone is going to be a gourmet cook — most often people cook and eat simply and that’s perfect. Cooking shouldn’t stress you out — it should be more about ease of preparation rather than a long drawn out chore.

Many people fondly remember their mom or grandma cooking at home which strikes to the very core of the human soul. Even though my mom was not a good cook, she owned her own business, working 6 days a week, and still cooked dinner every night. There are dishes she made that my brother and still I crave.

At the cooking school, our core value is to make cooking fun, easier, and enjoyable. September starts up our post summer season with a variety of classes from everyday cooking to fun and uniquely ethnic and traditional foods. We stress (pun intended) that cooking should be fun!

Join us and come back to cooking school!


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