The Cooking Phenomenon Is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

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It used to be that women pretty much ruled the kitchen with an almost regal entitlement, with husbands and kids only being called in when meals were ready. Moms made school lunches, and husbands mostly ate out during the work day. Breakfast may have been a bowl of cereal, lunch a bologna sandwich, and dinner a casserole.

Growing up, my Mom worked a full week but still made all of our meals. Fast forward with so many cooking shows, YouTube videos and just about everyone Instagramming photos, food has changed peoples ideas about cooking. Chefs are “Rock Stars” in the eyes of young people. Kids and teens want to emulate and show that they too can be master chefs in their own kitchen. More than ever, boys are mixing it up in the kitchen, and men are flocking to the stove to make a meal. That is why I originally started the Teen Cooking and Men in the Kitchen Series. Both were quite popular when we launched them, so we are running them again. We are also offering a few teen classes during the Spring break.

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