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COOKING 101 SERIES (3 classes)

Using easy to prepare recipes, seasoning and basic cooking techniques, you’ll learn time saving preparation to get you on your way to cooking wonderland.

Our quintessential hands-on series pairs preparing, seasoning, sautéing, roasting, and essential knife skills with purchasing, food storage and handling to create everyday dishes at home for beginners and kitchen veterans alike This series will focus on the seasonal harvest of main dishes, fearless sides, understanding meat cooking, soup and salads with home made dressings will also be learned. Learn loads of tips and those sacred cooking secrets that only a professional can share. Each class builds on more skills.

Each week builds on the last geared to the needs of each group.

Adult Class–Runs about 2.5 hours
(Cost is for all three classes–no individual class sign-ups)

KNIFE SKILLS–Cutting Edge Crash Course

Knife skills are the most important part of cooking. They are the ‘wheels’ of motion in the kitchen and make cooking less a chore and more a joy. Get the cutting edge info on knives and learn which ‘tools of the trade’ and double duty gadgets are necessary as you learn what to buy and when to sharpen. slice, dice, peel, julienne, and chop to make a meal delcious meal of roasted vegetable quesadillas, mixed vegetable-salsa salad and a fruit dessert. You won’t go home hungry!

Ages 16 and older. Vegetarian friendly. Runs about 2.5 hours.


Do you feel a tug on your line to eat more fish? Fish makes a perfect quick healthy meal in minutes without too much fuss. Don’t be afraid to cook fish! Learn what to look for when purchasing and how to cook to perfection. We’ll make a variety of 4-5 fish dishes– baked, sauteed, grilled, pan fried and/or poached to add to your repertoire. Some will have sauces, others may have a rub, use of citrus, herbs and spices to make yumulicious fish. Fish used will be determined by market availability.

16 years of age and older–Runs about 2.5 hours

COOKING WITH CRAFT BEER–Have Your Beer & Eat It Too!

The next best thing to drinking craft beer—is eating it! Beer can bring out and add flavors to all kinds of foods from appetizers, meats, breads and even desserts! In tonight’s “craft beer crawl” we’ll mix it up with an exotic Amazon Xingu beer braised spicy pork belly. Smokey Bamberg sausage stuffed onions cooked in beer. Potatomash with beer and sauerkraut gravy. Tender greens in a “malt” vinaigrette. And a “root beer” ice cream float for dessert!

Adult Class: 21 and older only. Although we’ll be cooking with a variety of brews and having a tiny taste, you may bring your favorite to enjoy with your meal.


Get yourself into a pickle! Pickling is a magical preservation method and culinary art that not only extends a food’s shelf life and makes vegetables taste delicious and healthy. Pickling is a global phenomenon which has hit new trends in today’s foodie community. Every culture has had to find ways of preserving a harvest to be able to get nutrients during times when they were not available.In this class we will explore quick pickling, brining, and hot water canning/processing. Garlicky dilled cucumbers, bright purple pickled beets and cauliflower, sweet and spicy dilly beans, and more. Learn just how easy it is to craft these delicious food items for entertaining and savoring. All ingredients supplied for this class. We’ll taste some in class and you’ll go home with some as well.

Ages 13 and older. Runs approximately 2.5-3 hours.


Spend a fun evening preparing a lavish dinner of Spain’s national dish. Learn to master the layering effects and exotic aromas of saffron that complements the finest seafood, chicken, Spanish sausage and rice. Sip Chef Annette’s fruity sangria while munching on Spanish cheeses and olives with quince paste and bread. A tasty tapa of fire roasted pimentos with capers and herbs, and the crown jewel–paella. A luscious Spanish dessert will be served. Ole!

Adult Class. Sangria will be tasted. You may bring wine to enjoy with your meal. Class runs about 2.5 hours.

CAKES–All America Classics

Put away that box mix and learn to make cakes from scratch. Nothing tastes better than home made cake. Put on your aprons, cream the that butter and sugar and get the home made frosting ins and outs. Learn proper measuring and mixing techniques, easy to manage frosting techniques from a trained pastry chef. Make “Aunt Bea” proud!

  • Old fashion Southern Red Velvet cake
  • Lemon vanilla cream sponge cake roll
  • Devilishly good chocolate layer cake
  • Buttercream and cream cheese frostings and whipped cream.

Ages 12 and older. Class runs about 3.5 hours

CHICKEN SKILLS–Easy, Simple, Fearless & Juicy!

Tired of the same dried out rubber flavorless chicken. Afraid of undercooking hence you over cook? Disappointed in overcooked salty supermarket rotisserie chicken? Spice up drab chicken dishes with exciting tastes and textures the whole family will love. Learn techniques for juicier, tastier, and tender chicken dishes. Get seasoning know how, techniques, tips and tricks for searing, sauteing, roasting, and grilling with several seasonal chicken dishes to add to your repertoire.

    • Whole roasted herbed chicken–a Sunday fave!
    • A zippy one pot chicken and rice dish
    • Learn to stuff a chicken breast with all kinds of things and how to cook it to perfection!
    • Sauteed chicken with Marsala and pancetta to give you that restaurant feel.
    • Skewered and grilled for California living.

Ages 16 years and older. Runs about 2.5 hours. Adults may bring wine to enjoy with their meal.

GNOCCHI WORKSHOP–Heavenly Italian Dumplings

Gnocchi are soft heavenly dumplings that cradle luscious sauces or pump up a soup. They can be made with potatoes, semolina, wheat flour or even ricotta cheese. There are regional Italian favorites and others that reach across borders into other countries. Tonight’s class we will make a potato gnocchi with a pomodoro sauce. Roman style baked semolina gnocchi with browned butter, herbs and Parmesan. A Tuscan ricotta gnocchi with spinach.

Ages 13 and older.

INDIAN STREET FOOD–Little Plates, Big Flavors

Conjure up the sights and smells of food cooking as you walk the streets of Mumbai. Every country has its ‘Street Food’ and in India roadside stalls and carts hawk savory delicacies called Chaat. Quick cooked delicious small plates similar to what’s being served in many Tapas bars. We are taking this concept into the kitchen with zesty crisp potato samosas, zippy chicken frankies with cool cucumber raita to tame the heat. Fried onion bhagi (think Indian style bloomin’ onions), lime scented basmati rice, and a fresh mango salad. YUM!

Adult class: You may bring wine or beer to enjoy with your meal.

PERUVIAN–The Latest Hot Cuisine

Peruvian cuisine has much to offer beyond that tasty rotisserie chicken. Boasting over 3,000 varieties of potatoes, 300 varieties of chili peppers, a multitude of seafood from the coast and highland meats of the Incan past are abundant. These indiginous ingredients have been supplemented with ingredients and flavors of Spanish conquerors, Europeans, Africans, and more recently Chinese and Japanese immigrants. Simply put Peruvian food is a feast for the senses.

We’ll be making a traditional papa a la Huancaina—potatoes enveloped in a velvety rich cheese sauce, Peruvian style fish ceviche—marinated in ‘leche de tigre” , lime juice infused with red onions, chile, and cilantro; garniches with sweet potatoes, giant corn, and avocados. Traditional lomo saltado–a home-style beef stir fry with veggies and fragrant garlic rice. And we’ll cap it off with a special dessert. Muy deliciouso!

Adult Class. You may bring wine or beer to enjoy with your meal.

MACARON MADNESS!–Tiny French filled Cookies

Those tiny delicate French filled cookies are all the rage. Shops boast a rainbow of flavors and everyday another flavor seems to pop up. Learn the secrets and how easy it really is to make your own lovely macarons with simply egg whites, almond flour and sugar. Today’s class will feature a variety of flavors including a fruits, chocolate, caramel and more. Flavorings and coloring will be addressed. YUM! This is your chance to be the first on your block or in your office to bring some in an boast!

Ages 12 and older. Runs about 3 hours. Please bring a container to take home some cookies!


Italian food goes beyond the red checkered table cloths and empty hanging Chianti bottles. Tuscany engages lighter meals with a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs, hand-made pastas, meats braised in delicate broths, and artisan cheeses are the foundations of phenomenal regional dishes. This evening’s menu we’ll make a delicious hand made tartello en brodo–a large fresh pasta raviolo filled with cavolo nero greens and housemade ricotta. Pork loin alla focettina–slow braised in wine and milk sauce. Tuscan style roasted Brussels sprouts with a giant crostini. Dessert to be announced. Bella Sera!

Adult class. You may bring wine to enjoy with your meal.

MEALS IN MINUTES! Simple, Fast & Delicious

Cut your cooking time in half (or even in quarters) and spruce up tired meals using a variety of scratch and ready made products that make cooking simple yet delicious and impressive. You’ll be amazed how fast you can get a healthy great tasting meal on the table. We’ll make several dishes from a variety easy to find products in this very popular class. Each dish will represent a full meal or hearty main course. Pasta, chicken, stew, soups, and more. we’ll complete 5 main meals in this class!

Ages 16 years and older. Runs about 2.5 hours.


Nothing sings Spring like fresh fruits and berries bubbling away and baking in the oven. These traditional American desserts have often fallen by the wayside and have almost been forgotten. In this class we’ll bring back these simple retro desserts to their rightful glory. Fruits beg to be made in into buttery cobblers and berries into cakelike buckles. Dumplings float on juicy bubbling berries and cider spiced pandowdies baked in a pan fill the kitchen with the aromas of farmhouses of the past. Learn the secrets to best baking practices and fool proof methods.

Ages 12 and up. Runs about 3 hours.

FRENCH PROVENCE–Great Mother’s Day Idea!

France’s Provence is a magical wonderland of food–fragrant lilac fields, lemon groves, olive oil, cheeses and country dishes that make you swoon. Enjoy a Spring evening preparing a luscious meal of our infamous potage crecy–carrot soup with Herb de Provence croutons. Salmon and asparagus en croute with a dilly cucumber sauce served with beautiful stained glass potatoes. A salad of tender greens and pears with lemon citronette. And the piece de resistance–a rich mousse au chocolate with chocolate tiles for dessert. We’ll also serve a fizzy Lillet cocktail. Bring a friend or your foodie mom for an enchanting menu. C’est la vie.

Adult class. You may bring wine to enjoy with your meal.

MOTHER’S DAY BRUNCH–Downton Abbey Style

For fans of the PBS series Downton Abbey, comes this Edwardian inspired menu complete with delectables that would have been served to the Crawley’s and their guests. As the series final season ended we can still carry on the fun of the series. We may not have those lavish period works of art, filigreed chandeliers or handsome footmen to serve you but our menu will surely take you back to the era. You won’t have to ‘dress’ for tea to enjoy a menu of Mrs. Patmore’s scones with red currant jam. Baked eggs en cocotte with oat toasts. Flaky English in house made sausage rolls. Lovely mini pavlovas studded with candied rose petals and filled with cream and fresh raspberries. A light sparkling wine will be served. A unique way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Ages 13 and up.


We hear it every day but it’s easy to forgo veggies when they aren’t prepared well or flavorless and mushy. Learn ways to incorporate them into main and side dishes that will cut down but not cut out carbs so you still feel satisfied. Make veggies part of each dish in a meal rather than a soggy or undercooked side dish. Tonight’s class we’ll make a light spiraled zucchini pasta along with herb roasted tomatoes. A zippy sweet and spicy glazed carrots. Roasted lemony Brussels sprouts with shallots and garlic. Cauliflower ‘rice’ pilaf. Maybe your kids will even eat them!

Ages 16 and up.

THAI–A Night in Bangkok

Unravel the secrets of exotic Thai cooking. Learn to create with confidence and where to shop locally for exotic Southeast Asian ingredients. A luscious menu of delicate steamed banana leaf wrapped prawns, a velvety Tom ka Gai–an aromatic lemon grass, chicken and coconut milk soup served with jasmine rice. Grilled crying tiger beef with a crisp and refreshing cucumber, pineapple salad and everyone’s favorite Pad Thai!

Adult Class. You may bring wine or beer to enjoy with your meal. Runs about 2.5 hours.

HANDMADE PASTA–Roll in the Dough!

Learn how easy it can be to make fresh pasta at home. Did you know that handmade pasta is considered an artisan food? Get ready to play with your pasta as you make magic from the basic ingredients of semolina, flour and eggs. Let your sticky fingers and bursts of laughter create an impressive spaghetti, luxurious fettucine, and a basil laminated pasta. We’ll make some sauces to go along and have a nice meal. Mangia!

Ages 13 and older. Runs about 2.5 hours.

TAPAS, MEZES & CICCHETI & MORE–The Art of Small Dish Dining

Call it Tapas in Spain, Mezes in the Mediterranean, Cicchetti in Venice, Smorebrod in Sweden, or Izakaya in Japan–no matter where you are, there’s an APP for that! Every culture has its small plates or appetizer dishes that are part of important part of the socio-culinary culture of countries. Tonight we’ll tour many countries with delectable dishes to enhance your culinary prowess. From Venice–mozzarella en carroza. A grilled Spanish pinxito–skewered and grilled meat. From Morocco–a cheese and herb filled flakey boureki meze. Then we’ll tour Southeast Asia with a crispy fried lemon grass and garlic stuffed tofu and a noodle based Japanese udon. Then we’ll go to Sweden for a dessert.

Adult class. You may bring wine or beer to enjoy with your meal. Runs about 2 1/2 hours.


For thousands of years, herbs and spices have served as currency, medicine and, most importantly, the culinary “foot print” of ethnic cuisines. Fresh vs dried and how they can transform simple veggies and bread toppings to complex flavors in stews, rice and pasta dishes. Find out how to transform your dishes with a few herbs and spices that can stand alone or go together.

In this class we’ll discover the world of seasoning with herbs and spices by tasting, toasting, grinding, experimenting and cooking with them. We’ll make a few blends and a few dishes for our meal. Tonight’s class will make an Asian spiced stir fry. Grilled cocoa spice rubbed salmon. Zucchini carpaccio with a melange of fresh herbs and an amazing compound butter to go with pasta, veggies or various proteins. Includes comprehensive herb/spice booklet for you to take home. You won’t go home hungry!

Ages 16 and up. Runs about 2.5 hours.

KOREAN–Cooking “Gangnam” Style

Korean cooking has finally gone “global” and making a big splash on the fusion scene. Traditional restaurants are found all over LA but often overlooked by non-Koreans. Let’s go “Gangnam Style” tonight with Pa Jun–shrimp and scallion pancake, KFC–Korean fried chicken wings–super crunchy, sweet and spicy. And no Korean table is without beef–gingery marinated grilled beef bulgogi. Along with every meal comes a delicious array of banchan–tiny side dishes such as spicy kimchee, Korean cucumber salad, and the creamy Korean potato salad to name a few. These little dishes are seasoned-spicy, sweet & sour, and salty to stimulate the appetite. Think ‘umami’.

Adult class. You may bring beer or wine to enjoy with your meal.


The secret to artisan pizza is in the crust. Rustic hand formed dough with a minimal amount of toppings make for bubbly, crisp and tasty pies. Get the ins and out on raising the yeast , fermenting the dough, and essential heat to get that great inner chew and a crisp crust. We’ll be making our semolina dough from scratch, raise it, hand form it and learn to use a peel to place onto a hot pizza stone. We’ll have a load of toppings will include enough to make a variety of pizza flavors such as a simple Margarita pizza, Greek olive and feta, veggie, prosciutto, pesto, artisan pepperoni, and much more. The sky is the limit! Vegetarian friendly!

Ages 13 years and older. Runs about 2.5 hours.


Calling all sushi fans! Learn the creative art of sushi making. Take a hands on journey as you learn to make perfect sushi rice then rock and roll by making various styles of sushi rolls like—California rolls, spicy tuna, inside out rolls, crunch rolls, hand rolls, and nigiri. Learn the sauces that make the rolls pop with flavor and eat to your hearts content! Find out where to purchase sushi grade fish, nori (seaweed), rolling mats, condiments, and garnishes so you can make your own sushi party at home. Eat, drink, and kampai!

Adult Class. You may bring beer or sake to enjoy with your meal. Runs about 2.5 hours.


Discover the lip smacking flavors of the Caribbean! With influences from African, Indian, British, Spanish and Chinese immigrants, the food evokes images of culinary madness that all seems to come together. Tonight Jerk chicken will swim in fragrant peppery marinade of allspice, ginger, and garlic before hitting the broiler. Then we’ll move onto a Jamaican “escavitch”—a sweet and savory salad of julienned carrots, red onions, and pineapple in a sweet and tangy dressing. Coconut milk infused yellow rice with pigeon peas. Sweet fried plantains. A fabulous Caribbean rum cake will be served for dessert. Can’t you just hear the reggae music now?

Adult Class. You may bring wine or beer to enjoy with your meal. Runs about 2.5 hours.


Let’s kick off the grilling season! Argentina is known for beef prepared on parrillas—grills, but there’s more to Argentine cuisine than beef. We’ll keep the Southern California year round grilling season going with this delicious cuisine. We’ll start off with mini empanada–meat and corn filled turnovers. Then get the grilling going with a grilled skirt steak with our infamous homemade chimichuri sauce. Argentine sausages, potatoes and veggies fragrantly grilled Gaucho style on rosemary skewers and served with an aromatic cilantro garlic rice. And Argentine dessert will be served. Go Meat!

Adult Class. You may bring wine to enjoy with your meal. Wine suggestion: Argentinean Malbec. Runs about 2.5 hours.

WHISKEY-A-GO-GO Cooking with Whiskey

Whisky/Whiskey how ever you spell it is venturing out of the liquor cabinet and into the kitchen. Chefs are using whiskey to enhance salty, smoky or sweet flavors. It brings out the flavor of the sea in seafood, the smokiness of wood fired food, and the sweetness in desserts. Whether it’s Bourbon, sour mash, Canadian, or a single malt Scotch, it’s amber color and multifaceted bouquet is as mysterious as the lore surrounding it. Pour yourself a dram, tie on your apron and have a delicious culinary adventure. Scrumptious bacon cheddar bourbon swirls, whiskey marinated skirt steak, bourbon glazed yams topped with crunchy sweet pecans, a salad of pears and arugula with a whiskey vinaigrette, and a sinful chocolate dessert with Irish whiskey creme Anglaise. Chef Annette will be whipping up a wee signature cocktail.

Adult Class. You may bring wine to enjoy with your dinner. Runs about 2.5 hours.


Learn to make fail proof pies with the summers bounty of fruit! Get the “crust musts” and professional tips and techniques for making the dough, rolling, and baking. Each student will make a batch of dough. Then think inside the crust with a bliss inducing summery peach streusel topped pie, a sweet & tangy lemon pie, blueberry star lattice, and a chocolate S’mores tiny pies. Yum!

Ages 12 and older. Runs about 3.5 hours. Please bring a box to take some pie home!

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