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The Spice of LifeLet’s talk about the movies. Let’s talk about food movies. You know the movies that make you ravenous as your leave the theater. Ravenous for over-the-top Mexican home cooking like in the movie, Tortilla Soup. Ravenous for chocolate and Johnny Depp like in the movie, Like Water for Chocolate. Ravenous for a Cubano sandwich and arroz con pollo like in the movie, Chef.

The Hundred Foot Journey opens Friday August 8 and will leave you ravenous for Indian food and more specifically Indian food with a classic French twist.

If you’re a foodie and most likely you are if you’re reading the South Bay School of Cooking blog — go see the movie. Then let us know your opinion.

The cast is delightful; the French countryside so inviting. The movie produced by Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg is an inspired postcard for romantics, people who like to cook and who enjoy trying new things.

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