Let the Autumn baking Season Begin!

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As a chef, autumn has the best and most fun recipes. As the days get shorter and cooler, I begin to a longing for foods of my childhood and I find comfort in making, baking and sharing them. I already feel a bit of nostalgia creeping in as I post our autumn baking classes. Get your mixers, rolling pins, and measuring cups ready, close your laptops and open your ovens!

We’ve got a lot of dough going on with our upcoming Donuts, Pasta, Pizza, Bread, Breakfast Breads, Pie, Eclairs & Cream puffs, Christmas Cookies, and our ever popular tamales classes. For those of you who like to decorate, our Cake Decorating classes are for you. The Breakfast Breads class highlights many of those lovely goodies we serve with coffee on Saturday and Sunday morning classes—you know—the ones you always are begging me for the recipes. And our Holiday Breads & Kringles, Souffles, and Yule Log classes. What I like best about these classes is that you absolutely must use your hands. You must feel and sense when dough is ready, something the eyes just cannot tell you. You depend on your sense of touch, and the rewards are so worth it.

Come join us for a cooking class and get your hands sticky, floury, and doughy. Remember some of these classes only come around a few times a year and if you don’t hurry…you’ll miss out.


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