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Asian Food Mania and a Celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month

The month of May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month.

Did you know that the greater Los Angeles area has surpassed New York and San Francisco as the best city for Chinese food? Most options are centered in the San Gabriel Valley with still more creeping towards Downtown Los Angeles. The city of Artesia is a Mecca for Indian restaurants, groceries and sari shops. Gardena is filled with an amazing array of Japanese restaurants that serve way more than sushi: small plates called Izikaya, shabu shabu, and yakitori houses, as well as a good dose of Hawaiian Japanese choices. We are seeing more Vietnamese Pho shops popping up. Torrance and Lomita are ubiquitous with traditional Korean and Asian bakery cafes and everywhere are mixed fusion spots.

What makes all these cuisines so popular? FLAVOR! Savory herbs, zippy spiced sauces, unique vegetables, fiery chilies, and tasty meat morsels often stewed in coconut milk, in stir fry, wrapped in a dumpling, or steamed in a bun. The Asian food scene is big ( really big!) and it can easily be added to your repertoire at home. By stocking a few pantry staples, a delicious meal can be whipped up quickly. Here at the South Bay School of Cooking, we are banging the culinary drum with several Asian classes this summer (with more to come in the Fall) to assist you in bringing this amazing food to your home table.

To celebrate Asian Pacific Heritage Month, all of our Asian classes listed on the current schedule — Indian Street Food, Sushi, Thai, Dim Sum, and Korean classes — are eligible for a $10 discount. You need to register by May 31st and use Code Asian2017 in the checkout box.



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