South Bay School of Cooking


Learn to Cook While Having Fun

At the South Bay School of Cooking, students get their hands dirty. Everyone works around a communal island, making recipes, sharing tasks, and learning new skills.

The classroom is alive with laughter, vivid with the aromas of fresh herbs and spices, electric with the sizzling sounds of sautéing. No one gets banished to an outer work station to fumble away in solitude. Whether you arrive solo or with a friend, the happy sounds of collective cooking carve a lasting impression on your culinary psyche. Cooking school should build confidence.

When you leave the class, you will be able to recreate recipes that once appeared daunting like coq au vin blanc, savory soufflés, pad Thai noodles, and perfect paella. View our slide show showing our hands-on cooking classes.

South Bay School of Cooking offers hands-on adult cooking classes for Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, Torrance, Palos Verdes and Greater Los Angeles. We offer a variety of cooking experiences for individuals and groups. We are not a resource for those seeking a formal education in the culinary arts.

Our Most Popular Cooking Classes

Paella and Sangria
Spend a fun evening preparing a lavish dinner of Spain’s national dish. Learn to master the layering effects and exotic aromas as you sip Chef Annette’s fruity sangria and munching on Spanish tapas. Ole!
Handmade Pasta
Learn how easy it can be to make fresh pasta at home. You’ll make magic amid bursts of laughter as you create an impressive spaghetti, luxurious fettucine, and a basil laminated pasta. Mangia!
Knife Skills
Knife skills are the most important part of cooking. Get the cutting edge info on knives and learn how to sharpen. slice, dice, peel, julienne, and chop to make a meal delicious meal. Look sharp!

Adult Classes

I came in clueless, and I’m leaving feeling like a Professional!


Adult Classes

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome Meals in Minutes class a few weeks ago. I made the enchiladas and the apple crumble and it was amazing! My two lady housemates think I’m king now”!


Adult Classes

My taste buds are still singing “hallelujah”. Thanks for another wonderful class!

Ann Guintivano

Adult Classes

This paella was better than any we had in Spain.

G. Delatorre

Adult Classes

Chef Annette always has the best menus.

M. Wymore

Adult Classes

Now I feel I can cook anything!

A. Reus

Adult Cooking Classes

I learned so many tricks that will help me every day in preparing meals! I will definitely be back.

Julie Harris

Adult Cooking Classes

What I love about Annette’s class is that it really is hands on, which is hard to find. Not only that, but I always leave full!

Liza Sarao

Adult Cooking Classes

I felt like I could easily make every recipe we prepared. It’s great to have a few more appetizer ideas under my belt!

J Weber

Step Up to the Plate