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June… It’s that time of year again when celebrations are all crammed into one month! Father’s Day and Graduations often bring a conundrum of gift ideas. School’s out and what to do with the kids? How about cooking classes and summer camps for kids?

Artisan Pizza

Saturday May 29, 10 AM

The secret to artisan pizza is in the crust. Rustic hand formed dough with a minimal amount of toppings make for bubbly, crisp and tasty pies. Get the ins and out on raising the yeast , fermenting the dough, and essential heat to get that great inner chew and a crisp crust. We’ll be making our semolina dough from scratch, raise it, hand form it and learn to use a peel to place onto a hot pizza stone. We’ll have a load of toppings will include enough to make a variety of pizza flavors such as a simple Margarita pizza, Greek olive and feta, veggie, prosciutto, pesto, artisan pepperoni, and much more.The sky is the limit!

Jamaican Me Hungry

Saturday June 4, 6 PM

Discover the lip smacking flavors of the Caribbean! With influences from African, Indian, British, Spanish and Chinese immigrants, the food evokes images of culinary madness that all seems to come together. Tonight Jerk chicken will swim in fragrant peppery marinade of allspice, ginger, and garlic before hitting the broiler. Then we’ll move onto a Jamaican “escavitch”—a sweet and savory salad of julienned carrots, red onions, and pineapple in a sweet and tangy dressing. Coconut milk infused yellow rice with pigeon peas. Sweet fried plantains. A fabulous Caribbean rum cake will be served for dessert. Can’t you just hear the reggae music now?

Argentinean Steakhouse–The Gaucho Grill

Saturday June 11, 6 PM

Let’s kick off the grilling season! Argentina is known for beef prepared on parrillas—grills, but there’s more to Argentine cuisine than beef. We’ll keep the Southern California year round grilling season going with this delicious cuisine. We’ll start off with a picadillo filled empanada–meat filled turnovers. Then get the grilling going with a grilled skirt steak with our infamous homemade chimichuri sauce. Argentine sausages, potatoes and veggies fragrantly grilled Gaucho style on rosemary skewers and served with an aromatic cilantro garlic rice. And Argentine dessert will be served. Go Meat!

Cooking with Craft Beer

Friday June 17, 6:30 PM

The next best thing to drinking craft beer—is eating it! Beer can bring out and add flavors to all kinds of foods from appetizers, meats, breads and even desserts! In tonight’s “craft beer crawl” we’ll be heading south of the border with turkey braised in a mole′ stout. Traditional sides take on a twist with a lager steamed Mexican rice with cilantro and tomatoes. Boracho (drunken) beans cooked with shiner bock and chorizo. A “salsa” salad of tiny tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers and mango. Mexican street corn with crema and chili powder. Viva La Cerveza!

Whiskey A-GoGo

Friday May 20, 6:30 PM

Whisky/Whiskey how ever you spell it is venturing out of the liquor cabinet and into the kitchen. Chefs are using whiskey to enhance salty, smoky or sweet flavors. It brings out the flavor of the sea in seafood, the smokiness of wood fired food, and the sweetness in desserts. Whether it’s Bourbon, sour mash, Canadian, or a single malt Scotch, it’s amber color and multifaceted bouquet is as mysterious as the lore surrounding it. Pour yourself a dram, tie on your apron and have a delicious culinary adventure. Scrumptious bacon cheddar bourbon swirls, whiskey marinated skirt steak, bourbon glazed yams topped with crunchy sweet pecans, a salad of pears and arugula with a whiskey vinaigrette, and a sinful chocolate “Gentleman’s Cake” with Irish whiskey baked in. Chef Annette will be whipping up a wee signature cocktail.

Ravioli and Tortellini Workshop

Saturday June 25, 10 AM

Time for holiday raviolis and tortellini. In this workshop, we’ll make a rich egg pasta dough and roll out into long sheets to be filled with luscious cheeses, poultry fillings and vegetables then cut and mold them into all kinds of shapes and sizes. It’s easier than you think and after a few turns you can become a ravioli making machine. You’ll mix, crank it out, fill, fold and seal. We’ll make a few sauces to go along with them and sit down to a wonderful plate of handmade pasta pillows. Freezing will be discussed because who wouldn’t love a freezer full of homemade pasta ready to cook at a moments notice for family dinners or entertaining? Today we’ll make a shrimp ravioli with roasted red pepper sauce. A pumpkin tortelini with browned butter and sage sauce. And a fun ricotta basil appetizer ravioli which we’ll roll in cornmeal and fry.YUM!

Summer Camps for Kids

Kids cooking camps are filling FAST. Don’t be left out!


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