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Throw a Merry Cocktail Party!

What is the first thing that makes food delicious? It’s how it appeals to the eye. It’s often said you ‘eat with your eyes first’ and that is so true.

Basting: It’s All About That Baste

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BASTE! But not how you think! The basting myth has gone on way too long. MYTH: Basting keeps the bird juicy. FALSE! When any large piece

Kids and Teens Holiday Classes

With holidays rapidly approaching and kids off school, South Bay School of Cooking has scheduled several holiday-themed classes for kids and teens (ages 8 to 13). We think of these

To Brine or Not to Brine Your Turkey?

To brine or not to brine? THAT is the question… Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you may be curious about all the articles you see talking about brining

Fall Baking: Which is Better Flour – Bleached or Unbleached?

It’s fall baking season…we’re seeing a steady flow of cookies, pies, cakes and breads. In our baking and cooking classes, I’m often asked about using bleached versus unbleached flour. My

Dads & Grads, Craft Beer, Ravioli, Kids Camps and more

June... It's that time of year again when celebrations are all crammed into one month! Father's Day and Graduations often bring a conundrum of gift ideas. School's out and what

Cooking School News for April 2016

  19.05.2016   Annette Gallardo   News   No comments

Come enjoy our classes this month. We’re happy to add a few new classes, as well as returning with some all time favorites. Cooking with Craft Beer Have your beer

New South Bay School of Cooking Website

  2.05.2016   Annette Gallardo   News   No comments

Welcome to our new website. We know it’s been too long, but we’re here with so many new things to share with you. Let us know if you like it

Greasy Pages

I recently took a writing workshop which was called Greasy Pages Writing. The focus was writing or rather ‘storytelling’ about those beloved recipes or books that were either handed down

Best Food Movie – The Hundred Foot Journey

Let’s talk about the movies. Let’s talk about food movies. You know the movies that make you ravenous as your leave the theater. Ravenous for over-the-top Mexican home cooking like