National Tequila Day – July 24

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Happy National Tequila DayNow here’s a holiday worth celebrating…

Perhaps tequila makes you think of a a frosty margarita or an icy margarita on the rocks or how about some shots with lime?

Did you know that the USA drinks 76 percent of all tequila exported from Mexico? I wonder what state drinks the most? Or what Beach Cities bar serves the most tequila?

Did you know that it takes 8 years for the blue agave plant to reach maturity before being harvested?

Did you know that in order to be labeled “tequila” a bottle must have 51 percent blue agave?

And like wine, there are different kinds of tequilas. For instance, Blanco has a sharp bite with a hot finish with notes of citrus and freshly cut grass.

Resposado has a silkier finish than Blanco. With hints of vanilla, almond, oak, honey and butterscotch, Resposado exudes a hint of earthiness.

With less alcohol, Anejo boasts the subtlety of chocolate, caramel, burnt honey, yam, strong butterscotch and tobacco. Anejo could be sipped with dessert or as an after dinner drink.

Instead of chugging a shot, ask your bartender for a flight to sip and savor. Or enjoy a perfectly crafted tequila cocktail.



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